Tuesday, 11 September 2018

The False Coin by Sofia Bothwell

The False Coin

It started on a plane flight high above the majestic Alps, Pierre and Constance, like minds and souls meeting after lifetimes apart to continue the mystery of life, but a magnificent re-enactment of a seventeenth century French Ball challenges their relationship to the core, taking Pierre to the unseen mysteries of the Peruvian rainforest and Constance home to London...

Sofia Bothwell was born and educated in Ireland, moving to London at the age of twenty. Author of True Slimness, Guidelines for Healing Your Eating Habit and Simply Full, she trained as a Rebirther in Italy and started classes on Healing the Eating Habit in Violet Hill Studios, a stones throw from the famous Abby Road Studios. She currently conducts sessions via Skype and resides in her beloved Wales

The False Coin copyright Sofia Bothwell 2011 All rights reserved

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Friday, 11 May 2018

Habit vs Addiction

A habit is something that you have simply gotten used to. A habit is relatively easy to change or give up. An addiction however, is something that we have to do, it is something that we crave. It is something that is suppressing how we feel. So with these key words - 'have to do', crave, and suppressing, we have insights into what dynamic is at play. With this added knowledge we are more empowered to be able to give up any addiction that may afflict us at any time.
What makes it possible, and even sometimes, easy, to give up, is the pinpointing and resolving of the emotional stuff that indulging in the addiction suppresses.
There is a mainstream belief that if you are addicted to something that that is the end of the story, done and dusted so to speak, no more room for healing implied. This could not be further from the truth of the matter. It is the beginning of the story to acknowledge you are an addict. An addict to food when full, an addict to heroin, an addict to cigarettes, an addict to alcohol, an addict to acquiring money at a huge cost to employees, business partners, family and relatives. The acquiring of money at any cost - through cheating or stealing, legally or illegally from others - is a deplorable addiction, but rife in our world of inequality and injustice and the oppression of others. But there is a way out of any and all oppression and suppression.

So the truth is that when you are addicted to something you are running away from your painful emotions. So what are those emotions - you discover them through asking yourself regularly - What feeling is this? Specifically if we ask ourselves that question when we crave anything, or find that compulsive, hard, quality emerging, it brings us the clarity of knowing what we are dealing with emotionally. Then asking - Given the fact I feel this way, what would I like to do now? We are discovering the way out of addiction, oppression and suppression when we ask ourselves that question. Following up on the healthy, life-enhancing answer to that question leads you into the addiction-free lifestyle.

True Slimness Paperback available from Amazonuk https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/search/ref=sr_gnr_aps?rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3ATrue+Slimness&keywords=True+Slimness&ie=UTF8&qid=1526035033

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Playing Card Readings

Hello again, I love connecting with people. I love communication. Communication with self and others is the cornerstone of my work in so many, many ways.

Being ignored causes so many difficulties and traumas that communication is the only answer. Being ignored as a child or adult causes wounding that, at some point, either must be addressed and healed, or suppressed through addiction.

Relearning how to communicate is what the world needs in order to grow. In other words - Our growth was stunted through lack of communication, or too aggressive communication, or inappropriate communication.

To heal we have to open up to, learn and allow healthy communication.

One of the ways I communicate with people is through Playing Card Readings. Not everyone is ready or interested in tackling the drinking, smoking or overeating that is going on in their lives but a little light distraction in the form of an inspirational, fun Playing Card Reading is something that draws their interest and they maybe even intuitively know it will be a stepping stone to improvement. And that it certainly is! For the Playing Cards will highlight the areas that are 'playing out' in their lives. The Cards literally show you the 'hand you have been dealt in life' - now isn't that interesting? Suddenly folk are interested, want to know, are surprised that the meaning of the Cards they have selected actually do pertain to events and people in their lives and they are intrigued.
Gently showing ways forward, giving solid advice and showing them that what is actually going on in their lives can be handled, the ways forward are clear, and that there is, not only light at the end of the tunnel, but very often a Sparkling New Life.

Fascinated by Playing Card Readings ever since I realised there was such a thing, I have been doing them at Health and Holistic Fairs Locally and using them for myself for years - I love them. Their aura is different to any other deck and steeped in history - they are the original oracle in my opinion and give plenty of leeway for the magic of your own life, love and happiness to emerge.

Playing Card Readings £35 per 40min session via Skype or FB Video Call Payment via Pay Pal

Email:  Sofia2227@gmail.com

FaceBook: Sofia Bothwell

Text: 07530 531 655

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

London and Destiny

How much of life is destiny? This is a question that most of us ask ourselves at some point in time. How much can we mould a shape our lives?
Many women involved in this widespread problem of compulsive eating even ask themselves - How can I mould and shape my body? I have worked with, and actually been, a perfectly 'slim' woman and wanted to be 'slimmer' - This of course is total and utter obsession, to not realise and appreciate your own natural slimness. The answer is what I cover in my One to One Facebook Video Call Sessions £35 / $50  (1 hr Session)
This complex problem of obesity and obsession with size and shape is unravelled and explained from the standpoint of a recovered compulsive eater.
I recovered from compulsive eating at the tender age of 19. I had already suffered from 5 years of compulsive eating and 2 years of bulimia - I knew diets did not work because that is where dieting had got me.
The answer revealed itself to me when I embarked on studying alternative methods of healing, thinking and being via a local secondhand bookstore that had just opened in our local town in rural Ireland in 1984. I started to follow that still small voice within instead of binge-eating, and it worked. I no longer dieted and simply ate when hungry and stopped when full. I became aware of the painful  dynamics that were rife in my own family and culture - the ignoring, the blatant and hidden, sexism, blaming and shaming, the put-downs, criticism and controlling.
One of the first whisperings that came to me from my 'Still Small Voice Within' was - Leave Home - And I did. My boyfriend at the time was Catholic and I was raised Protestant and we decided to live together - an incredibly radical act in 1980's Rural Ireland where Protestants and Catholics were supposed to kill each other not make love to each other. But as John Lennon says - Make Love Not War.
Six months later we left our stifling backgrounds and country's unspoken dictates, for the wider world of - London.
London became my home. I fell in love with London and that love affair continues even though that rebellious young man that was part of that very new and exciting and sometimes tough time of my life, is now passed away.
So yes, I believe that he, and London, and this work I do was and is my Destiny.
My work and my passion to help others heal their eating disorders holistically, just as I have, continues. For info on One to one Skype or FB Video Call Sessions text 07530 531 655

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

What Are Your Issues?

Many things effect us in this world today. What are your issues? This, you have got to know for without knowing what you are dealing with emotionally and on a practical level, you are in the dark so to speak. And to eat when full, drink or smoke, when even an inkling of such matters surface into your awareness, is to only shut and bolt the door that keeps you imprisoned in that darkness.

But the darkness is familiar and at least warm and cosy you may exclaim. But know, cosy and familiar as it may or may not be, it is darkness none the less. No bright morning dawn for you, no precious awakening and accustomising of your very Self to your very Soul and the 'Soul of the World' as Paulo Coelho would call it.

You deny yourself  the relief that comes from the integrating of the issues at hand. No blessed lesson learned from facing up to, and seeing into, and growing and learning from the issue at hand - no just darkness - the darkness of addiction is a choice remember and most addicts after they reach their own personal 'rock bottom' turn and face, no not the sun, but their own personal issues. For they know that no matter how painful the issues may be, they are not as painful as the healing of them.

So what heals them? You start with the ability to answer the question - What are your issues?

I do not have a PhD in Psychology - What I do have is the fact that I am a recovered compulsive eater, a recovered bulimic and I do not drink or smoke or do drugs either prescription or otherwise. In other words - I am a sober, slim healthy woman who lives and adventure of a life following her own still small voice within instead of the voice of 'craving'.

For more info on Skype or Facebook Call consultations on how to heal your eating habit or quit any habit you wish to quit - Email sofia2227@gmail.com or PM me on Face book.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

A small 37 page book. That is what 'Weight Loss for Blokes' is. Filled with the power to help you understand why you have the craving to eat when full and how to dissolve that craving into the ability to stop when full and be your slim-bloke self. It is a simple and down to earth read with all the info you need to reduce the amount of excess weight you are carrying. Available from me Sofia Bothwell at £5 incl p&p Facebook: Sofia Bothwell Email: sofia2227@gmail.com for your copy - It will change your life.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Forgiveness Prayers

I have recently come across the Forgiveness Prayers of Howard Wills and they have been like a missing piece of the puzzle of life to me.
I have known about, and intermittently practised, forgiveness affirmations since I first learned about them many years ago.
They are a powerful healing tool.
And over the years I have noticed that self acceptance and forgiveness are the things that often need a lot of explanation when teaching them as concepts and tools that actually aid recovery from addiction and/or compulsive eating.

Firstly, Forgiveness does NOT condone the event or situation that you are forgiving - it actually honours and claims an injustice has been done.

Secondly, forgiveness clears you from any negative effects that wrong doing is having on your present day life, health, relationships, well-being or finances.

I love Howard Wills explanation that forgiveness is like taking a shower and it cleanses you of any negativity - It cleans you!!

I have been practising his forgiveness prayers (which are free to download from his site www.howardwills.com) every day for about three weeks now and I can only say they help - they help a lot, in subtle and overt ways - they work.

So, if you feel drawn to - check out his You Tube videos under the channel SusanAllen and see for yourself if this Healing Tool of Forgiveness is something for you.

Bringing into your life, blessings and peace,

Sofia Bothwell Author and Weight Loss Consultant